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Side quest
"A Bird in the Hand..."
Side quest
Quest giver
Huntsman Berthold
40 Ordinary arrows

A Bird in the Hand... is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

This quest starts with Huntsman Berthold in Rattay who has lost three precious nightingales. Should Henry agree to look for them, the huntsman will send him with three empty bird cages to the woods east of Vranik.

Traps should be set where the nightingale's call is the loudest. Drop one cage and wait. When the nightingale is caught, the bird call will cease and the empty bird cage will become a bird trap, with a cloth appearing over the cage.

The Ancient Map IV location is in the same area as this quest. There is also a camp of bandits close by.


Three of the Rattay Huntsman's precious nightingale's have flown off into the woods somewhere. I'm not exactly an ardent ornithologist - I'm more used to chasing bandits and thieves in the woods. But variety is the spice of life...
Berthold told me the nightingales should be somewhere in the woods towards Vranik. I'll have to keep my ears open - I have to listen out for their distinctive song and then lay the traps nearby. Then all I have to do is wait until they fly into the traps.
I've set one of the traps here. If any of the nightingales is nearby, it'll soon be caught.
I've set a trap here. If there's a nightingale in the vicinity, it'll get caught soon enough.
I've set a trap here. Now I have to wait a while and see if I catch anything.




  • There is a bug with saving and reloading this quest, so it can't be completed after having the third bird caught in the cage.