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Main quest
"All that Glisters"
Main quest
Charcoal-burners' camp (Rovna)
Counterfeiter's camp
Quest giver
Related quest(s)
Damsel in Distress
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Questions and Answers
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If You Can't Beat 'em

All that Glisters is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


I found quite a pile of Groschen in the Pribyslavitz encampment, which Master Engineer Feyfar subsequently discovered to be fakes. Not only is that a capital crime against the Crown, but it's also proof that there's more going on around Rattay than meets the eye.
The captured bandit from Merhojed told me the place where the fakes were passed by the counterfeiters is north of Rovna. The handover is due to take place any day now. Naturally, nobody from Pribyslavitz will be coming there, so I may yet run into the counterfeiters’ go-between.


  • Go to the place where the counterfeit money is handed over.
  • Explore the crossroads by Rovna.
  • Follow the trail of blood from the ambushed wagon.
  • Find out what happened with the wagon.
  • Talk to Borya.
  • Talk to the wounded man.
  • Catch the mystery knight.
  • (or) Lie in wait for the mysterious knight.
  • Meet with the mysterious Knight by the pond in Sasau.
  • Find out where the counterfeiters get the quicksilver.
  • Talk to the madam of the baths.
  • Talk to Florian, the engraver's apprentice.
  • Find out what Florian knows.
  • Find Rapota.
  • Stop Rapota.
  • Question Rapota.


Ambushed caravan chest
Menhart's grave


  • The only way to get the quest Damsel in Distress is to choose the dialogue option "I'll save Esther" when talking to Florian.