Ancient map II

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Ancient map II
Icon treasure map.png
By virtue of Fate and Chance I came into possession of this curious drawing. I should find out to where it points and see what has the Fortune bestowed on me amid all this desolation.
Treasures of the Past DLC
(Henry's storage trunk)
0.1 Kg
100 Groschen

Ancient map II is one of five (5) maps available in the Treasures of the Past DLC, a pre-order bonus for the game. They are found in Henry's personal storage trunk, which can be accessed after the game preamble.


  • This map is very condensed and the river on it shows the larger Sasau River. Cross the river north from the Rattay mill and go southwest. It is a very long road, deep into bohemian forest. Those who looked for Ancient Map IV and played the quest A Bird in the Hand... already followed that road and also passed the wood-cutter's camp there. Follow the road until there is a small river to the north. Somewhere on the road a cross can be found, from there go south-east to a giant stone in a clearing. A mineshaft with the treasure is near.



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