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Side quest
"At Your Service, My Lady"
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Side quest
Quest giver
Lady Stephanie
Shirt from Stephanie
the Lady's "favour"

At Your Service, My Lady is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Stephanie from Talmberg wants an unforgettable wedding for our cousin Sophie.
Lady Stephanie has given me an important task. I'm to help with preparations for her cousin's wedding.
I had to pick up a roan from the Uzhitz stables. It wasn't easy, but I got that stubborn beast safely to Talmberg.
I had to pick up a roan from Uzhitz for Lady Stephanie. It wasn't easy getting that stubborn beast to the Talmberg stables.
One of the presents for Stephanie's cousin was to be a decorative crown. The Sasau master had it almost ready, but the merchant Martin Viezek, who was bringing the Moldavite gem he was going to set in it, hadn't turned up. So I had to go and find this Martin Viezek. He wasn't much fun to be with, but at least I got the stone from him.
Lady Stephanie wanted me to bring her a keg of the best wine in the region from the merchant Konrad Hagen, but he'd already donated his last keg as first prize in an archery contest.
(If Henry wins the contest):
  Not that that was a problem, what with my archery skills. I won the contest and the keg of wine.
(If Henry does not win the contest):
  Not that that was a problem. I managed to get the wine another way. I can't be bothered with archery anyway.
Everything worked out in the end. The Sasau master set the Moldavite in the crown overnight and I gave Her Ladyship the finished piece. No doubt she'll be happy with it.
The Lady of Talmberg wanted me to put on the shirt she gave me in front of her. I had a funny feeling Her Ladyship wanted some other service from me that she wasn't saying.


  • Win the archery contest.
  • (Optional) Get the wine some other way.



  • The roan can not be called with X.
  • If Henry decides to go look for the moldavite stone, one of the bandits at the camp has the Bandit's trunk key to open the chest that contains the moldavite.
  • If Henry does not retrieve the Moldavite, or if he tells Master Jerome to craft the decorative crown using something else, then he will receive the Ornamental crown instead of the Crown with moldavite. The only way to get the Casanova achievement is to give Lady Stephanie the Crown with moldavite.
  • If Henry fails the archery contest, he can still bribe or convince the winner to give him the wine.

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