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Main quest
Main quest
Rattay Mill
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Train Hard, Fight Easy

Awakening is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


I woke up from bad dreams. Theresa, the Skalitz miller's daughter was sitting leaning over me. It turns out it was she, together with Sir Robard and his men, who saved my life. Then she took me to Rattay to uncle Peshek's mill. They looked after me the whole time I was delirious and feverish. Theresa also lost everything and is now living at her uncle's mill. I may stay there if I wish, but I have a debt to settle. My treatment was not without cost.
I went to the castle to see Sir Radzig. He didn’t seem too concerned that I lost his sword and even took me into his service, despite the protests of the priest and the other lords! But first I have to undergo basic training.


Related achievements and trophies

Icon Name Description Gamer Points Trophy
Awakening.png Awakening Join Sir Radzig's garrison. 15 Bronze