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Besmirched is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Someone was wandering in burned Skalitz and he stole everything that's left. It would not make any harm, if someone would check that out. Especially, because robbing a robber is no great sin.
Adam used to help out at the Tavern by the Gate in Rattay.
I finally found out from Andrew that the man I'm after is Tonchek, a charcoal-burner from Rovna.
Andrew confirmed our suspicions. He says there was some charcoal-burner from Rovna hanging around who tried to sell him a silver cross on a red ribbon.
I found that thieving magpie Tonchek. Then all I had to do was get the money out of him.
I got the thief's stash. The purse of Groschen was finally mine and the thief was left with nothing for his trouble.
Andrew was happy with his share, and so was I. Only Adam lost out, but that's how it goes sometimes.


  • Find the robbed man in Rattay.
  • Help Andrew find out more about the looting of the tavern in Skalitz.
  • Talk to Adam.
  • (Optional) Inform the innkeeper Andrew.
  • (Optional) Find Adam's valuables and give them back to him instead of to Andrew?
  • Find the thieving charcoal-burner.
  • (Optional) Return to Andrew with the money.
  • (Optional) Return to Adam with the money.
  • Rob the charcoal-burners' stash.
  • (Optional) Return to Andrew with the loot.
  • (Optional) Return to Adam with the loot.
  • (Optional) Give Adam the cross back.



  • It is possible to steal back the Charcoal-burner's loot from Andrew after completing the quest, then go to Rattay and give it to Adam (along with Adam's family cross, if obtained) for the same reward. The quest will already be complete, so there will be no new log entries.
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