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Kingdom of Bohemia
Character vaclav iv.png
Wenceslas IV
Form of government
Head of State
Wenceslas IV
Geographical position
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Lands of the Bohemian Crown within the Holy Roman Empire

The Kingdom of Bohemia was a main part of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown (also sometimes called "Czech lands" in modern times) and the only country within the Holy Roman Empire with one King. In 1403, the time Period of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Wenceslas IV of Luxembourg was the king of Bohemia.

The Bohemian Crown lands all:

  • Kingdom of Bohemia
  • Margraviate of Moravia
  • Duchies of Silesia
  • Governorate of Upper Lusatia
  • Governorate of Lower Lusatia
  • Duchy of Görlitz
  • Bohemian Palatinate (lost in 1401)

Currency in Bohemia was the Prague Groschen.