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This page lists the buffs and debuffs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


  • Aesop Potion Effect - You feel as if you'd been born in the saddle and raised by dogs. Dogs won't bark at you. Horsemanship +5.
  • Alpha Male - Your needs have been satisfied and it shows. You're feeling self-confident. Charisma +2.
  • Amor Potion Effect - Others look up to you now.
  • Antidote -
  • Aqua Vitalis Effect - You feel like Achilles. You can easily overcome wounds.
  • Artemisia Potion Effect - The bitter taste of Artemisia will put strength in your blood, but also bewilder your eyes with strange visions. Strength +5. Warfare +5.
  • Bard Potion Effect - What comes into your head comes out your mouth. You have the patter of a market trader. Speech +5.
  • Berserk -
  • Bivoj's Rage Effect - You feel strength and rage rise inside you. You will crush anyone who stands in your path! Damage inflicted in melee combat +50% Defence -10%.
  • Blacksmith's Son -
  • Blessed by Backers -
  • Blood Rush -
  • Bowman's Brew Effect - Your hand is steadier when shooting and your archery skill increased. Bow +5.
  • Brute -
  • Buck's Blood Effect - Your Stamina recovery is temporarily increased.
  • Chain Strike -
  • Cloak and Dagger -
  • Crouching Chameleon -
  • Daring Debonair -
  • Death Protection -
  • Drinking habit -
  • Drunk's Luck -
  • Embrocation Effect - Your joints and muscles have stopped troubling you. Agility +5, Defence +5.
  • Golden Tongue -
  • Good Appetite -
  • Greater Attack -
  • Healing - Food and potions regenerate your health.
  • Imminent Cure - Heals you immediately without delay.
  • Infamous -
  • Juggler -
  • Ken -
  • Knight in Shining Armour -
  • Lazarus Potion Effect - Drinking this potion would rouse even the dead. You feel energy, life and strength coursing through your veins. Time to go out into the world and do great deeds!
  • Marigold Potion Effect - You feel your strength returning, your health is gradually returning.
  • Miraculous Cure -
  • Nighthawk Potion Effect - The slightly toxic ingredients in this potion have dilated your pupils, so you can see better in the dark and gloom.
  • Padfoot Potion Effect - Your movements are loose, your step light, your breath and heartbeat slowed. Stealth, lockpicking and pickpocketing are much easier for you. Stealth +5, Pickpocketing +5, Lockpicking +5.
  • Proper Diet -
  • Reading Spot - You are in a good place to read a book. Reading will be faster and you will learn more from your books.
  • Remove Injuries -
  • Renegade Brand -
  • Scholar -
  • Sleep -
  • Spurs - Wearing spurs increases your horsemanship skill to an extent that depends on their quality.
  • Stamina Frenzy - Your stamina recovery is temporarily increased.
  • Tin Opener -
  • Witch Potion Effect - The world is spinning, strange colours everywhere. You hear voices in your head, see things that aren't there… You feel like you're on the road to Hell.


  • Alcoholic - You're an alcoholic and look and behave like one. Your Strength, Agility, Vitality, Speech and Charisma are reduced by -3. The only cure is lengthy abstinence or Hair o' the Dog potion.
  • Bane Potion Effect - You have cramps and pains, shortness of breath. You are slowly dying of poisoning.
  • Bleeding - You are bleeding. Unless you treat your wounds with a bandage, you will slowly lose health and die, but since you have the Thickblooded perk, it will be slower. The bleeding will not stop on its own.
  • Dollmaker Potion Effect - Your muscles are frozen, your limbs out of your control, your whole body wooden. You can move only with the greatest difficulty. Combat skills with weapons or unarmed -5 Stamina -50% You can't sprint.
  • Drunk -
  • Drunkenness - A state of spiritual well-being that only the drunk himself can appreciate.
  • Effects of Poison - You feel ill, have pains in your guts. You've been poisoned with something. You gradually lose 50 Health points.
  • Food poisoning - You've got food poisoning. Next time, be more careful what you eat..
  • Hair o' the Dog Effect - This potion cured you of the effects of your alcoholism, but at what price?! You look like you could throw up any minute and your Charisma is lowered.
  • Hangover - You have a splitting headache and a feeling of great regret.
  • Hunger - You're hungry. Your stamina is decreased and eventually, you will start losing health.
  • Lullaby Potion Effect - You are feeling tired, you want to sleep, you close your eyes. You sleep.
  • Overeating - You have gorged too much food and you feel sick. Your maximum Stamina is lowered. - IF ascetic: You've stuffed yourself, and since you set out to live a more ascetic life, the effects of overeating are harder for your body to deal with.
  • Overloading - You are carrying too much weight. Your maximum speed is lowered. Place some your stuff into your horse's inventory or just drop something on the ground.
  • Released Prisoner - Your stay in jail has left you malnourished and in an overall weak condition. Your Strength, Agility and Vitality are lowered. The longer you've been in jail, the worse the penalties.
  • Poison -
  • Poor Hearing -
  • Poor Vision -
  • Really Slow Movement -
  • Tiredness - You are exhausted. You cannot concentrate and your speech is not so persuasive as usual.

Active perk buffs

  • Against All Odds - You're outnumbered and get a 20% bonus on strength, agility, warfare and defence.
  • Balanced Diet - You have a +1 bonus on vitality and agility due to five days of healthy eating without overeating or going hungry.
  • Burgher - You're in a civilised area and therefore get a +1 bonus on Strength, Agility, Vitality and Speech.
  • Flower Power - You've got enough herbs on you to make a more charismatic impression. You get a +2 Charisma bonus.
  • Forester - Your conspicuousness and visibility fall sharply in woods, so you can be stealthier. Useful especially when stalking people.
  • Last Gasp - You received a fatal blow and along with it extra health for a final lunge.
  • Light Armour - You're not wearing plate armour and it's 50% easier for you to dodge the attacks of opponents.
  • Local Hero - Your reputation is strong enough for you to get a bonus on strength, speech, agility and vitality. You face tougher penalties for wrongdoing and your reputation improves more slowly.
  • Luck of the Drunk - You have the luck of the drunk and pick locks twice as easily, but make 30% more noise doing it.
  • Night Rider - It's night and your Stamina regenerates one fifth more quickly.
  • Padding - You're wearing armour with padding that you fixed yourself, so it's not so noisy and neither are you.
  • Rain Man - It's raining and your footsteps are 70% less noisy.
  • Resistance - You get a permanent +2 bonus on vitality.
  • Rider on the Storm - There's a storm and your horse is more skittish.
  • Sadist - As a sadist, seeing your opponent in combat bleed gives you a Strength bonus of +1.
  • Savage - You're in the wilds, so you get a +1 bonus on Strength, Agility, Vitality and Speech.
  • Saville Row - You're wearing clothes you repaired yourself. Each item gives you a 0.5 Charisma bonus up to a maximum of +2.
  • Serrated Edge - You've got a weapon you sharpened yourself, which has a 15% greater chance of causing bleeding.
  • Seven Mile Boots - You're wearing boots you fixed yourself. Sprinting costs you 20% less stamina.
  • Washed Fragrance - You've got freshly laundered clothes, giving you a +1 Charisma bonus.


  • Injured Head - Your head is injured. This injury can result in bleeding if you are not careful.
  • Injured Torso - Your torso is injured. This injury can result in bleeding if you are not careful.
  • Injured Left Arm - Your left arm is injured. This injury can result in bleeding if you are not careful.
  • Injured Left Leg - Your left leg is injured. This injury can result in bleeding if you are not careful.
  • Injured Right Arm - Your right arm is injured. This injury can result in bleeding if you are not careful.
  • Injured Right Leg - Your right leg is injured. This injury can result in bleeding if you are not careful.