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As well as Character stats you can improve your skills. This is done by using them repeatedly and there is nothing to stop you from developing them to the maximum. You will find them in the Player tab. Your Combat skills are shown in a separate tab and all the others in the Skills tab.

After your third level up of each Skill, you will be given the option to choose a Perk that in some way improves or alters the use of the given skill.

There are 7 combat skills

Warfare Warfare - Increases your proficiency in hand-to-hand combat with a sword. It increases the time slots for blocks and attacks.
Defence Defence - Makes you more difficult to wound, in effect increasing your armour rating.
Axe Axe - Makes you more proficient with an axe, effectively increasing your weapon stats when you equip an axe.
Bow Bow - Makes you more proficient with a bow and arrow, effectively increasing your weapon stats when you equip a bow.
Mace Mace - Makes you more proficient with maces, effectively increasing your weapon stats when you equip a mace.
Sword Sword - Makes you more proficient with swords, effectively increasing your weapon stats when you equip a sword.
Unarmed combat Unarmed - Makes you more proficient when fighting with your fists, increasing the damage you make.

There are 10 non-combat skills

Stealth Stealth - Allows you to avoid detection, in effect lowering your Visibility.
Horsemanship Horsemanship - Allows you to ride faster and longer, in effect increasing your horse’s stats.
Lockpicking Lockpicking - Makes picking locks on doors or chests easier. The jitter and hardness of the locks is lowered and you can attempt picking the more difficult ones.
Pickpocketing Pickpocketing - Would make robbing other people on the street easier.
Alchemy Alchemy - Makes brewing potions easier. The time and order requirements are more relaxed and you can attempt to brew more complicated concoctions.
Maintenance Maintenance - Allows you to repair your weapons at the grindstone. It makes it easier and faster to fix the damaged weapon.
Drinking Drinking - Makes you more resistant to nefarious effects of alcohol.
Hunting Hunting - Increases the amount of meat and other useful materials you recover from animals you kill.
Herbalism Herbalism - Allows you to collect more herbs with a single action. This means that you are able to gather flowers more quickly and easily.
Reading Reading - Influences the ability of your character to actually read books. Without it, any book is just gibberish to him. Higher Reading skill decreases the amount of time required to read and comprehend a book.