Father Simon

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Father Simon
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Father Simon is a character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He is the former priest of Rovna and lived there near the church of St. James. People say he's now living as a hermit, after having a love affair with his housemaid Mary, who had his child and subsequently died, causing him him a lot of grief.

Henry must find Father Simon in the quests In God's Hands, to cure Philip from Skalitz from poisoning, and A Man of the Cloth, which starts after talking to the lone villager in Rovna. He can be found in the Pribyslavitz Woods west of Skalitz, after Henry has spoken with the family of Father Simon's housekeeper.

Associated quests


  • The two tramps who have taken Father Simon hostage can be dealt with in several ways: kill them, fist-fight them, or shoot arrows at them to scare them off. If Henry kills the tramps, then Simon will mention that he'll have to bury the poor souls.
  • After saving him, he'll give Henry the Artemisia potion for Phillip in the Sasau Monastery.
  • Philip can end up dying if Henry takes too much time.
  • The locations depicted in Ancient map V and Treasure map XXV (a grave) can be found in this area.