Ginger in a Pickle

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Main quest
"Ginger in a Pickle"
Main quest
Charcoal-burners' camp
(Neuhof South)

Charcoal-burners' camp
(Neuhof North)

Charcoal-burners' camp
(Talmberg Woods)

Neuhof Bandits' camp
Ginger's hideout
Quest giver
Previous quest
The Hunt Begins
Next quest
Mysterious Ways

Ginger in a Pickle is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


The Neuhof stud farm met with tragedy. A raiding party killed several horses and some people. The trail led me to suspect that someone from the farm may have been involved.
Jakub told me the nearest charcoal-burners are to the south. I just have to follow the stream that flows from Neuhof and I'll find them uphill from it by the woods. But he said Ginger used to go northwards, along the path to the Uplands, to the woods between Neuhof and Uzhitz.
The charcoal-burners in the camp to the south of Neuhof don't know Ginger. They told me to go to the woods in the north and ask the other charcoal-burners there.
The charcoal-burners told me two other armed men were asking about Ginger. I hope I find him before they do.
There were several charcoal-burners' camps between Neuhof and Uzhitz. The westerly path to the woods from the crossroads by Neuhof led to one, and from there to the west along the stream was another.
After talking to the charcoal-burners from the north, it seemed to me they knew Ginger, although that doesn't mean much. After all, they were close by Neuhof and since Ginger spent time enough wandering in the woods, he could easily have met them.
I found out that if I head off west from the northern camp and stick close to the stream, I should find another charcoal-burners' camp.
One of the charcoal-burners told me Ginger is friends with a pair of twins among them. He said if I follow them, they'll surely lead me to him.
I dealt with the bandits as I was asked. They wouldn't be threatening anyone any more. I hoped that would satisfy the [charcoal-burners of my good intentions.
All I had to do was threaten one of the charcoal-burners and he told me Ginger was hiding out in a small holding on the northern edge the woods towards Uzhitz.
The charcoal-burners told me Ginger was hiding in a ruined hut to the right of the path leading from their camp towards Uzhitz. It shouldn't be too far.
It seems Ginger is hiding out in an abandoned hut nearby. I need to go to the right on the northerly path to Uzhitz and carry on until I reach a pond. From there, there's an old overgrown path that leads straight to Ginger's hideout. I just have to tread carefully.



Related achievements and trophies

Icon Name Description Gamer Points Trophy
Ginger.png Ginger Save Ginger from the bandits. 15 Bronze


  • Ginger's friends at the Charcoal Burners Neuhof North camp will tell Henry about the two bandits who are after Ginger.
  • Killing the bandits can be an easy task when done at night, particularly while they are sleeping in their camp.
  • Ginger can be found hiding from the bandits in a forest hut near the Charcoal-burners' camp, north of the Inn in the Glade.
  • Ginger will be willing to go back to Neuhof when both the bandits are dead, but he is concerned if they'll let him return. Talk with Zora and convince her to let Ginger come back to the stud farm. After that, return to Ginger and tell him the news. Once he's back, he'll teach Henry a level in Horsemanship.
  • Ask Ginger about what happened and he'll tell about a limping man from Uzhitz, who is named Lubosh.
  • Speaking to Sir Radzig, who is leaning against the wall of Zora's place, will cause the objective "Return/report to Captain Bernard" to fail.
  • The location depicted in Ancient map I (southeast area of map) is near the charcoal-burners in the south.