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Haggling works in both directions – whether you want to buy cheap or sell dear. In both cases, the bar is always set with the best price for you at the bottom, the usual price in the middle and above it scope for adding a tip to the trader when buying, or a discount when selling. If you or the trader doesn’t have enough money, the actual amount you have will replace the figures on the bar.

You select the amount you want to pay or get W and S and confirm with E. The trader will then respond to your offer. If the answer is a refusal, he or she will make a counter-offer and wait for your response.

KCD haggling diagram 1.png
Your money
Original purchase price
Your last offer not accepted by the trader
Trader's last offer
Your current offer
KCD haggling diagram 2.png
Dragging out the haggling with one offer after another will gradually try the trader’s patience and eventually they’ll drop the haggling completely.

You can see how close you’re getting to that point from the trader icon below the bar: the more gold there is in the background, the closer the trader is to dropping the haggling.

Every unsuccessful bout of haggling lowers your reputation with the trader.
If the slider can't be moved in one direction or the other, it means either you or the trader does not have enough money.


  • A good rule of thumb is to make your first offer at the half-way point along the gold bar. Almost invariably, the merchant will refuse your offer, but not angrily and change their price to something closer to your offer. Counter by halving that distance again and the offer will almost invariably be accepted.