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Side quest
"Hare Hunt"
KingdomCome Hare Hunt vindication.jpg
Side quest
Talmberg Quarry
Inn in the Glade
Charcoal-burners' camp (Talmberg Woods)
Poachers' Glade
Quest giver
Related quest(s)
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Cherchez la Femme

Hare Hunt is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This quest forces Henry to choose sides with Hanekin Hare or the Talmberg soldiers.


The Talmberg Huntsman Nicholas Angel asked me to help him track down some poachers who’ve been plundering the Talmberg woods recently.
The Master Huntsman asked me to find out about the poachers who've been plaguing the forests in these parts recently
The locals won't tell the Huntsman much, so he's asked me to nose around the village and see if the folk there know anything.
I need to speak with Margaret. Maybe she knows more about the mysterious Hanekin Hare.
The tavern is the heart of every village, so it's no wonder the locals have advised me to speak to the innkeeper’s wife, Martha. She overhears all sorts while she's pouring folk their ales.
The Master Huntsman also has his suspicions about the Inn in the Glade. Seems they've had venison on the table pretty often lately. I should go and look into it.
Folk in the tavern told me Thomas from the bathhouse really was bragging there that he would put on a venison feast for the local girls. I should ask him in person.
I need to speak with Margaret. Maybe she knows more about the mysterious Hanekin Hare.
The clearing Betty mentioned is in the woods north of Talmberg. If I take the route past the charcoal-burners’ camp, I might come across it. I could see if the revellers left any tracks.
Thomas got his game from a poacher he ran into in the woods. It’s Radan, one of the charcoal burners from nearby.
I know where the poachers meet. I should report it to the Master Huntsman.


  • I found game in the cellar of the inn.
  • Ask around the village.
  • {Optional) Find out what happened to Thomas from the bathhouse.
  • (Optional) Meet up with Hanekin Hare.
Note: siding with Hanekin Hare will remove both "Hare Hunt" and "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing"  from the active quest log (Quest failed). "Cherchez la Femme" will become the active quest.
  • Catch up with Hanekin Hare.
  • (Optional) Arrest Hanekin Hare.
  • Look at Hanekin Hare’s hand.
  • (Optional) Bring Hanekin Hare’s ancestral ring to the Huntsman.