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Heretic's testimony
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A document containing the testimony of the heretic taken captive in Kuttenberg.
Quest item

Heretic's testimony is an account of the forced confession of a so-called Waldensian. It is given to Henry by the Vicar. The text actually describes how to find the gathering place of the Waldensian congregation.


Record of the Interrogation
of the Heretic Peter of Hradek
This account was written down by Master Borislav, Scribe to the Archbishop, recording the Testimony given by the questioned heretic, wherby the interrogation was conducted by the Very Reverend Jan of Osek, Monsignor and Vicar to the Archbishop, and the Lawful Rite of Torture was carried out by the Town Executioner, Francis, called Shanks, in the town jail, according to the resolution of the Town Council.
At first the captive heretic, one Peter of Hradek, did refuse to give Testimony, whereupon the Executioner was instructed to encourage him to so do by the performance of Arts. Let it be stated that the interrogated Peter of Hradek did long resist the Executioner's persuasions. However, he did finally respond to a Query as to the place of assembly of the other heretics known to him, that they did meet in the township of Uzhitz. When the Vicar then asked the Prisoner to elaborate - that is, who they were and in what house they assembled, Peter of Hradek again fell into silence.
The Executioner was again obliged to exercise his persuasive art, which in due course the Vicar ordered him to desist, for the prisoner was greatly fatigued, whereupon he did suddenly find his voice and began to respond at length to the repeated query as to where he met with the other heretics. The Vicar thereupon decreed that the testimony of the prisoner be written down verbatim. May the Lord forgive me for hearing these heretical speeches, which by my duty to Holy Mother Church I am bound to set down in writing this day. Thus spoke the heretic:
I began my pilgrimage in Uzhitz, a den of iniquity where the people were drinking and fornicating [1], so I left that corrupt place at once! And at once I saw another abomination! The temple of the Bride of the Antichrist [2], with the proud Babylonian tower. I went past it quickly, towards the rising sun. [3]
When I left the village, I came upon a crossroads and didn't know which way to g [4]. So I fell on my knees and prayed. And my prayer was heard, for the finger of Christ rose from the ground to show the right path. On I went, through this sinful land, and suddenly I heard the sound of a thousand-headed crowd at work, and I saw their queen and their towers.
I journeyed further on and all at once there rose from the ground the jaws of the Behemoth, and his broken teeth jutted up to the heavens like the tombstones of the Moabites [5]. So I went through the mouth of the beast. And by the road I saw the abode of the Apostles Peter and Andrew. I was hungry, so I took the fruits of their labours and filled my belly.
Then I left their house and saw two widows weeping and keening. I wept with them and they let me sleep in their shadow.
I went further along the edge of the world and saw the ribs of the great Leviathan washed up by the sea! [6]Then I saw two bridges over the River Jordan, and the Devil tempted me and tried to lure me to the one on the right. But I saw through his deception and went against his will.
And then I finally saw it - the gateway to the Garden of Paradise, abundant with foliage [7]. It was guarded by men of straw, but they saw I was a good Christian and let me enter therein. [8]
These were the last words uttered by the heretic Peter of Hradek, for he did then breathe his last. The Vicar did then state that his death was surely the work of Lucifer, to silence his tongue before the ears of the servants of God. The Executioner thereupon took umbrage and made conceited objections, for which his wage was cut by three Groschen and he was admonished not to repeat such remarks, especially in the presence of a Servant of Holy Mother Church.
The body of the heretic was buried outside the cemetery wall as befits, so that it should not corrupt hallowed ground. Thereby the Case of the Heretic Peter of Hradek was brought to a close in accordance with Ecclesiastical Law.

Associated quest


The directions to the gathering place are as follows:

  1. The center of Uzhitz / Uzhitz Tavern is the starting point
  2. Head toward the church
  3. Then continue eastward out of the village
  4. Continue to the fork in the road and bear left
  5. Continue along the road, past the stone ruins which flank it
  6. Continue until you see the fish pond to your right
  7. Look for a glade to your left
  8. Inside the grove, find the clearing