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If you want to maintain bladed weapons, you can save your repair kit and hone it yourself on a grindstone, which you can find at every smithy. Just approach the grindstone, start the process E and select from the list which weapon you want to hone.


Sharpening help.png
The weapon must be honed along the whole length of the blade: you select which part using Mouse5.png
The blade must be held at the correct angle to the grindstone. If the angle is too shallow, the edge won’t be sharpened; if it’s too steep, you can dull the blade. You control the angle using Mouse4.png

You have to keep the grindstone turning using Space

You must also exert the correct pressure to make sure you hone the edge at all (pressing also depletes your Stamina). To press use Mouse wheel up and to release use Mouse wheel down

You can recognise correct honing by flying sparks, whereas black smoke coming from under the blade tells you you’re damaging it. A well-honed blade is smooth and shiny.