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Side quest
"In the Cloister"
Side quest
Sasau Monastery
Quest giver
Novice Antonius
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In the Cloister is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As "Brother Gregor", Henry must get to know the monks in the Sasau Monastery. Novice Antonius will give him the book Everyday Labours, which will introduce him to the monastery life.


My name is Brother Gregor and I'm a monk in Sasau Monastery. What would Pa have said about that? Most likely he'd piss himself laughing… God rest his soul… Anyway, in order not to draw attention to myself, I must dress like a monk, speak like a monk, and behave like a monk.


  • (Optional) Go to work in the scriptorium. Report to Brother Cyril, the librarian.
  • (Optional) Sit at the table and begin copying.
  • Submit your work to the librarian.
  • Go with the other monks to the courtyard.
  • Find out for Brother Nevlas about any wrongs being committed in the monastery.
  • Find out something that would prevent Nevlas from standing for Abbot.