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Inventory panel
Inventory slots
Horse inventory slots

The main inventory screen has is comprised of two panels. The leftmost has six different tabs:

  • All – a scrolling list of all items sorted by type
  • Armour – including Head armour, Body armour and Leg armour
  • Weapons – including swords, maces, axes, bows, arrows and shields
  • Food
  • Quest Items
  • Other – including such things as herbs, keys and money

Each of these tabs shows a scrolling list of items along with their specific statistics, like Armour, Damage, State of repair (heart icon), Weight and Value. Items which are greyed out cannot be used by Henry directly.

The rightmost depicts the player character in the top center, flanked by the armour/weapon slots. Below that are the current player statistics governed by the inventory items, including:

Codex Items and equipment

In the Inventory tab I you can see all your equipment, which for convenience is separated into various categories in sub-tabs:

Weapons contains all the instruments you can use in duels and battles.

Armour contains all items of attire – from armour, clothes and footwear to rings and other jewellery.

Food contains everything you can eat or drink.

Quest Items contains all items necessary for completing assignments.

Other contains all items that are not included in the above categories, e.g. lockpicks, bandages, repair kits, bunches of keys etc.

By using Q on any item in the Inventory you can open a page with a brief description and detailed properties of the item in question. In the tab you will see only an overview of the most important of these:

Equip/Unequip shows you whether you have a weapon equipped or are wearing a piece of armour or clothing. This is indicated by the icon Equip.png You equip or discard them using E

Quantity shows how many pieces of the item in question you have in your inventory.

Attack power is shown only for weapons and shows their attacking power.

Defence is shown only for armour and clothing and gives their level of defence against attack.

Healing is shown only for foods and gives their healing ability.

Condition shows the condition of the item. For clarity, the values of badly damaged or spoiled items are highlighted in colour (red).

Weight shows the weight of the item in pounds.

Price shows the usual price of the item in Groschen in its present condition.

The bottom row shows how much money you have as well as equally essential data – how much the items in your inventory weigh in total and whether you have them equipped or not. If the total weight is more than you can carry, you’ll feel the negative effects of being overloaded. You’ll be warned of this by a change in colour of the weight shown and a corresponding icon beside your health indicator:


Horse tack

If you have a horse, you can store some less-used items in its Inventory using X or simply discard unused items by holding X


If you want to store items for later user, you can put them in a chest. These are found at assigned or rented sleeping places. Any item placed in one chest will be available from any other chest.


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