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Kuttenberg is today a district town of the Central Bohemian region, 70 km east of Prague. The founding of Kuttenberg (the official name of the city in the Middle Ages) came about thanks to the discovery of silver ore deposits in the vicinity and its location next to Sedletz Monastery, the commercial and economic centre of the region. City rights were acquired by Kuttenberg in 1318, after which time the economic activity of the city was taken care of by the so-called Urburer, or Royal Clerk. To keep the operation of the mint and the mines to a high standard and safe, a list of legal edicts was issues - Ius Regale Montanorum (the Mining Regulative).
The city soon became rich and had the same powers as the Old Town of Prague. The wealthiest inhabitants of Kuttenberg were the German population, while a lower class consisted of mineworkers, smelters, mint workers, artisans and servants. Almost every city-dweller had some connection to silver mining, minting coinage or trading.
The treasures of found and mined silver supported the development of otehr Czech cities, including the construction of new buildings in Prague. The architecture of Kuttenberg is due to Wenceslas IV. During his reign, the former timber houses were rebuilt in brick or as half-timbered. There were also churches, a sterling court and other public works built at that time. Kuttenberg retains its Gothic genius loci to this day.

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