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Maintenance Maintenance allows you to repair things with repair kits and weapons at a grindstone. The higher your skill level, the easier it is to use the grindstone and the longer your repair kit will last. At a higher level, you will be able to repair more badly damaged items.

New perk points at levels: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20.

Codex Codex entry

Open your inventory I from time to time and repair or replace things that aren’t up to scratch, which you will see from the lower number in the Quality column Inventory health.png

If items are severely damaged, the value is shown in orange, while red numbers indicate a critical condition. Bloodied or dirty items are indicated by labels on their icons:

Ico item blood.png Ico item dirt.png

It’s best to have your equipment repaired by experts. A swordsmith will grind the nicks out of your sword edge, a plate armourer will beat the dents out of your cuirass and even a regular blacksmith can handle light repairs. You can take your ripped clothing to a tailor and scuffed boots to a cobbler, while the wenches at any bathhouse will wash the dirt and dried blood out of your clothes.

Icon map weaponsmith.png Icon map armourer.png Icon map blacksmith.png Icon map tailor.png Icon map shoemaker.png Icon map baths.png

Of course, when you’re in the field pursuing an important mission, you won’t always have time to go to town and avail of the benefits of civilization. So, it’s wise to carry with you repair kits for your equipment – there’s one for arms, one for armour, one for clothing and another for footwear. Of course, you need to be able to use them, which means acquiring the skill of Maintenance. If your skill level is high enough, all you have to do is use the appropriate repair kit in the Inventory E on the damaged part of the equipment you want to fix.

Repairkit1.png Repairkit3.png Repairkit4.png Repairkit2.png

If you want to maintain bladed weapons, you can save your repair kit and hone them yourself on a grinding wheel, which you can find at every smithy.

Icon map grindstone.png

To hone your weapon, go to the grinding wheel, start the process E and select which weapon to hone from the list.

The weapon must be honed along the whole length of the blade: to select which part use Mouse5.png.

The blade must be held at the correct angle to the grinding wheel – too shallow and the edge won’t be sharpened; too steep and you can dull the blade even more. To control the angle use Mouse4.png.

You must exert the correct pressure to hone the edge (this depletes your stamina) using Mouse wheel up.png and release it with Mouse wheel down.png.

Meanwhile, you have to keep the stone turning by repeatedly pressing Space.

Flying sparks tell you you’re honing properly, black smoke tells you you’re damaging the blade. A well-honed blade is smooth and shiny.
When you’re dirty, you don’t have to rush immediately to the nearest bathhouse – you can have a quick wash by pressing E on the nearest water trough.

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