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Side quest
"Money for Old Rope"
Side quest
Executioner's house
Kuttenberg executioner's camp
Gallows Hill
Quest giver
Executioner Hermann
Innkeeper (Broken Wheel Inn)
Innkeeper (Traders' Tavern)
Recipe for Lazarus potion
The Joy of Gutting IV
Recipe for Bane potion

Money for Old Rope is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It becomes available during the quest All that Glisters.


There's to be an execution in Rattay - without Hermann, the Rattay Executioner.
In order to help Hermann, I first had to find out at the Bailiff's what crimes the reprobates had been sentenced to death for. And it turned out they were a fine pack of scoundrels!
Peter of Dauba is a multiple murderer, but he's also a nobleman.
Frost Heralt is a beast of a man who enjoys making others suffer.
Georg Weiss is a cold-blooded, multiple murderer.
Once I knew the crimes, I could find out the appropriate punishments from the Black Chronicle.
So far so good. Now I must go to Hermann and ask his advice about how to best sabotage the executions.
I gave some attention to the executioner's sword and it's certainly far from sharp. Beheading a condemned man with one blow of a sword is the executioner's pride, but with this blunt thing he'd hardly chop the head off a chicken.
I managed to poison the instruments of torture, so the convict will die quickly and the crowd will be deprived of their entertainment, which won't endear the executioner to them.
There's a rule that if the executioner fails to kill a condemned man by hanging at the first attempt, he has to let him go. And that would make the Kuttenberg executioner very unpopular. So I switched his rope for an old one that certainly wouldn't bear the weight of a grown man.
That was something! The Rattay folk will never forget this execution.
Executioner Hermann was delighted with the outcome of the sabotaged executions, and I was glad I could help him.


  • (Optional) Go and watch the executions.
  • (Optional) Go to Hermann for your reward.



  • Correct responses regarding punishments when talking to Executioner Hermann:
  • Peter of Dauba - "He's for the chop."
  • Georg Weiss - "He'll be hanged."
  • Frost Heralt - "He'll be tortured first."