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Main quest
"Nest of Vipers"
Main quest
Merhojed Soldiers' Camp
Woodcutters' camp (Talmberg)
Quest giver
Sir Radzig
Previous quest
My Friend Timmy
Next quest
Baptism of Fire

Nest of Vipers is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Sir Radzig asked me to scout out the location of the camp where the bandits who attacked Neuhof are holed up. I've got to find out as much as I can about the camp and, if possible, sabotage things a bit.
Sir Radzig Kobyla asked me to find out where the bandits responsible for the massacre at Neuhof are hiding and bring him information from their camp, like how many there are and how they're armed. Getting inside will be no easy matter though.
Timmy gave me directions to the bandits' camp. It's directly north of Talmberg. Left by the abandoned house, left again at the tall beech tree and straight on at the crossroads by the flat rock. I must go and check it out.
The path begins at the woodcutters' camp in the forest north of Talmberg. To get there, I have to follow the road directly from the castle to the north.


  • The woodcutters' camp by the northern road from Talmberg.
  • Go to the fork with the ruined cabin.
  • Go straight ahead to the next fork by a clearing with a big beech tree.
  • Take a left and continue on the path to the next fork.
  • Take a left and carry on to the junction.
  • Carry on straight at the crossroads all the way to the camp.
  • Look around the camp and see what could be useful information for the attack.
  • Get into the bandits' camp and scout it out.
  • (Optional) Sabotage the bandits before the battle begins.
  • (Optional) Sabotage: you can set fire to the arrows.
  • (Optional) Sabotage: you can poison their food.
  • Go back to Sir Radzig.
  • Ask Sir Divish of Talmberg for reinforcements.
  • When you're ready for battle, talk to Sir Divish.


  • 250Groschen