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Side quest
"Next to Godliness"
KingdomCome Next to Godliness 5.jpg
Side quest
Pirkstein Castle
Rattay bathhouse
Quest giver
Hans Capon
Strip die
Previous quest
The Prey
Next quest
Clothes Make the Man

Next to Godliness is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


In which I go to the baths to see Lord Capon, and what befalls us there.
I promised Sir Hans Capon I'd come and join him at the bathhouse in Rattay. I have to give him a head start and let him become better acquainted with one of the bathhouse wenches.
After a suitable interval I joined Sir Hans at the bathhouse, and he was in fine form when I caught up with him. It certainly seemed his visit to the baths was doing him a world of good.
Sir Hans was half stripped and glad I arrived, so he could get me to play dice with one of the bathmaids.
Sir Hans wanted me to play dice with Zdena, but she was no beginner. Lord Capon's state of undress was proof of that!
Sir Hans wanted me to strip and get into the tub with him. Probably didn't want to drink alone.
I might have guessed - the bathhouse wine wasn't noble enough for His Lordship! So he sent me off in the middle of the night to get some better stuff.
I got a pitcher for the wine I have to get for Sir Hans.
Satisfying the whims of His Lordship is no easy matter. I got wine for him in the middle of the night. Who Knows what he'll want next.
No rest for the wicked! Now the young Lord wanted me to pick flowers for Klara the bathmaid. Surprisingly, I managed it.
That wasn't the most pleasant awakening. Oh well, at least I found a soft, warm place to sleep. I didn't smell too good, admittedly, but that could easily fixed - one more day in the baths. But on my own this time! Sir Hans had probably had enough of the bathhouse for a while anyway.


  • Go in the evening to join Lord Capon at the baths.
  • Ask Sir Hans if he needs anything.
  • Play dice with Zdena the bathmaid.
  • Speak to Sir Hans.
  • Put your clothes in the trunk and get in the tub.
  • Ask Lord Capon what's bothering him now.
  • (Optional) Find the Sylvan red in the Rathaus cellar.
  • (Optional) Get a pitcher.
  • Go back to the bathhouse with the wine for Sir Hans.
  • Get flowers for Klara the bathhouse wench.
  • Take the flowers to the bathhouse.
  • See if Sir Hans is alright.

Characters involved