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Perks are a type of gameplay mechanic related to the character leveling system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

All perks

Image Name Type Required level Prerequisite Unlocks Can't be combined with
Icon perk against all odds.png Against All Odds Warfare 12
Icon perk antlers.png Antlers Hunting 3
Icon perk art connoisseur.png Art Connoisseur Reading 5
Icon perk ascetic.png Ascetic Main level 3
Icon perk avid reader.png Avid Reader Reading 7
Icon perk bacchus.png Bacchus Drinking 10 Safe Passage
Icon perk bailman.png Bailman Warfare
Icon perk balanced diet.png Balanced Diet Vitality 6
Icon perk beer bibber.png Beer Bibber Drinking 4 Wine Bibber
Icon perk berserk.png Berserk Vitality 9
Icon perk blacksmiths son.png Blacksmith's Son Maintenance 12
Icon perk blood rush.png Blood Rush Vitality 9
Icon perk bloodletter.png Bloodletter Warfare 4
Icon perk blunt strike.png Blunt strike Axe 3 (for Shortword, Huning sword, Sabre)
7 (for Axe)
7 (for Mace)
Icon perk boar.png Boar Strength 6
Icon perk botanist.png Botanist Herbalism 10
Icon perk brute.png Brute Main level 8 Ken
Golden Tongue
Cloak and Dagger
Icon perk bundle alchemist.png Bundle Alchemist Alchemy 10
Icon perk burgher.png Burgher Main level 6 Savage
Icon perk butcher.png Butcher Hunting 5
Icon perk cartographer.png Cartographer Reading 14
Icon perk chain strike.png Chain Strike Warfare 12
Icon perk clinch master.png Clinch Master Strength 4
Icon perk cloak and dagger.png Cloak and Dagger Main level 8 Ken
Golden Tongue
Icon perk colleague.png Colleague Reading 3
Icon perk comrade.png Comrade Pickpocketing 2
Icon perk contemplative.png Contemplative Main level 12
Icon perk crouching chameleon.png Crouching Chameleon Stealth 5
Icon perk crowd control.png Crowd Control Pickpocketing 4
Ico map 10 large.png Cuman Killer Main level 12 Defeat a certain amount of Cumans
Icon perk cushion.png Cushion Reading 7
Icon perk daring debonair.png Daring Debonair Stealth 3
Icon perk deft grip.png Deft Grip Lockpicking 6
Icon perk dodger.png Dodger Agility Requires training from Captain Bernard
Icon perk dog person.png Dog Person Stealth 10
Icon perk double stab.png Double stab Shortsword 5
Icon perk dread steed.png Dread Steed Horsemanship 7
Icon perk dreadful.png Dreadful Strength 14
Icon perk drei wunder forearm.png Drei Wunder: Forearm Axe 7 (for Axe)
7 (for Mace)
Icon perk drei wunder wrist.png Drei Wunder: Wrist Longsword 8
Icon perk drinking habit.png Drinking Habit Drinking 4
Icon perk drunk.png Drunk Drinking 7
Icon perk duplieren doubling.png Duplieren: Doubling Shortsword 13
Icon perk durchlauffen run through.png Durchlauffen: Run through Longsword 10
Icon perk easy way out.png Easy Way Out Pickpocketing 4
Icon perk empathetic.png Empathetic Speech 8
Icon perk et tu brute.png Et Tu, Brute Stealth 10
Perk your friendly neighbour grey row 08 col 17.png False Edge Longsword 6
Icon perk fast striker.png Fast Striker Agility 8
Icon perk featherweight.png Featherweight Agility 4
Icon perk fehler blinding strike.png Fehler: Blinding strike Axe 8 (for Shortword, Huning sword, Sabre)
14 (for Axe)
14 (for Mace)
Icon perk fehler scarmaker.png Fehler: Scarmaker Longsword 5
Icon perk feint.png Feint Warfare Requires training from Captain Bernard
Icon perk final offer.png Final Offer Speech 4
Icon perk firm grip.png Firm Grip Defence 4
Icon perk first aid.png First Aid I Main level 3 First Aid II
Icon perk first aid.png First Aid II Main level 6 First Aid I First Aid III
Icon perk first aid.png First Aid III Main level 10 First Aid II
Icon perk flower power.png Flower Power Herbalism 5
Icon perk forester.png Forester Hunting 10
Icon perk fragrance.png Fragrance Maintenance 3
Icon perk friendly neighbour.png Friendly Neighbour Pickpocketing 8
Icon perk furious.png Furious Warfare 8
Icon perk golden tongue.png Golden Tongue Main level 8 Ken
Cloak and Dagger
Icon perk golem.png Golem Defence 8
Icon perk gravedigger.png Gravedigger Strength 2
Icon perk halbschwert half sword.png Halbschwert: Half Sword Shortsword 10
Icon perk headcracker.png Headcracker Strength 8
Icon perk heavy duty pony.png Heavy Duty Pony Horsemanship 4 Racehorse
Icon perk heavy swing.png Heavy Swing Strength 8
Icon perk hidden pockets.png Hidden Pockets Pickpocketing 8
Icon perk highborn.png Highborn Speech 4 Lowborn
Icon perk horsenip.png Horsenip Herbalism 5
Icon perk human dustbin.png Human Dustbin Vitality 6
Icon perk huntsman.png Huntsman Hunting 8
Icon perk in the flow.png In the Flow Reading 3
Icon perk infamous.png Infamous Main level 10 Local Hero
Icon perk item expert.png Item Expert I Pickpocketing 6 Item Expert II
Icon perk item expert.png Item Expert II Pickpocketing 10 Item Expert I
Icon perk jockey.png Jockey Horsemanship 14
Icon perk juggler.png Juggler Main level 8 Brute
Golden Tongue
Cloak and Dagger
Icon perk ken.png Ken Main level 8 Brute
Golden Tongue
Cloak and Dagger
Icon perk knight.png Knight Horsemanship 10
Icon perk knight in shining armour.png Knight in Shining Armour Defence 12
Icon perk last gasp.png Last Gasp Vitality 12
Icon perk lasting lockpicks.png Lasting Lockpicks Lockpicking 3
Icon perk leg day.png Leg Day Herbalism 10
Icon perk light armour.png Light Armour Agility 8
Icon perk local hero.png Local Hero Main level 10 Infamous
Icon perk loose tongue.png Loose Tongue Drinking 7
Icon perk lowborn.png Lowborn Speech 4 Highborn
Icon perk luck of the drunk.png Luck of the Drunk Lockpicking 6
Icon perk lucky thief.png Lucky Thief Lockpicking 12
Icon perk magistrate.png Magistrate I Reading 5 Magistrate II
Icon perk magistrate.png Magistrate II Reading 9 Magistrate I Magistrate III
Icon perk magistrate.png Magistrate III Reading 12 Magistrate II
Icon perk manly odour.png Manly Odour Main level 2
Icon perk marathon man.png Marathon Man Vitality 3 Sprinter
Icon perk master thief.png Master Thief Lockpicking 12
Icon perk mule.png Mule I Strength 4 Mule II
Icon perk mule.png Mule II Strength 8 Mule I Mule III
Icon perk mule.png Mule III Strength 12 Mule II
Icon perk night rider.png Night Rider Main level 2
Icon perk ordinary mug.png Ordinary Mug Stealth 8
Icon perk perfect block.png Perfect Block Defence Requires training from Captain Bernard
Icon perk perfect throw.png Perfect Throw Agility 12
Icon perk pocket sight.png Pocket Sight I Pickpocketing 6 Pocket Sight II
Icon perk pocket sight.png Pocket Sight II Pickpocketing 10 Pocket Sight I Pocket Sight III
Icon perk pocket sight.png Pocket Sight III Pickpocketing 14 Pocket Sight II
Icon perk racehorse.png Racehorse Horsemanship 4 Heavy Duty Pony
Icon perk rain man.png Rain Man Stealth 3
Icon perk renegade brand.png Renegade brand Main level 4
Icon perk repairman.png Repairman Lockpicking 3
Icon perk resistance.png Resistance Herbalism Picking enough poisonous herbs
Icon perk revenant.png Revenant Vitality 12
Icon perk rider on the storm.png Rider on the storm Horsemanship 7
Icon perk routine.png Routine I Alchemy 10 Routine II
Icon perk routine.png Routine II Alchemy 13 Routine I
Icon perk rusty edge.png Rusty Edge Warfare 4
Icon perk sadist.png Sadist Warfare 8
Icon perk safe passage.png Safe Passage Drinking 10 Bacchus
Icon perk salted and smoked.png Salted and Smoked Alchemy 3
Icon perk salty.png Salty Hunting 10
Icon perk savage.png Savage Main level 6 Burgher
Icon perk saville row.png Saville Row Maintenance 6
Icon perk scholar.png Scholar Main level 8
Icon perk scout.png Scout I Main level 2 Scout II
Icon perk scout.png Scout II Main level 6 Scout I Scout III
Icon perk scout.png Scout III Main level 10 Scout II
Icon perk secret pockets.png Secret Pockets Pickpocketing 2
Icon perk serrated edge.png Serrated Edge Maintenance 9
Icon perk seven mile boots.png Seven Mile Boots Maintenance 3
Icon perk silent fiddler.png Silent Fiddler Lockpicking 9
Icon perk silver tongue.png Silver Tongue Speech 8
Icon perk sixth sense.png Sixth Sense Lockpicking 9
Icon perk slim fit.png Slim Fit Stealth 8
Icon perk snake oil salesman.png Snake Oil Salesman Alchemy 8
Icon perk sprinter.png Sprinter Vitality 3 Marathon Man
Icon perk steak tartare.png Steak Tartare Hunting 13
Icon perk stealth kill.png Stealth Kill Stealth 5
Icon perk strong thighs.png Strong Thighs Horsemanship 7
Icon perk stronghold.png Stronghold Strength 2
Icon perk stuffing.png Stuffing Maintenance 6
Icon perk swot.png Swot Reading 9
Icon perk takedown.png Takedown Stealth
Icon perk tanner.png Tanner Hunting 5
Icon perk taunt.png Taunt Agility 12
Icon perk thick blooded.png Thickblooded Vitality 3
Icon perk tight grip.png Tight Grip Strength 6
Icon perk tin opener.png Tin Opener Maintenance 9
Icon perk top shelf.png Top Shelf Drinking 10
Icon perk trial and error.png Trial and Error Alchemy 5
Icon perk troubadour.png Troubadour Speech 8
Icon perk true slav.png True Slav Drinking 7
Icon perk trustworthy middleman.png Trustworthy Middleman Speech 12
Icon perk tusks.png Tusks Hunting 3
Icon perk venomous blade.png Venomous Blade Alchemy 5
Icon perk wanderer.png Wanderer Main level 2
Icon perk warhorse.png Warhorse Horsemanship 10
Icon perk water of life.png Water of Life Alchemy 3
Icon perk weapon cruncher.png Weapon-Cruncher Defence 4
Icon perk well groomed.png Well Groomed Maintenance 12
Icon perk well worn.png Well Worn Defence 12
Icon perk wild at heart.png Wild at Heart Hunting 8
Icon perk wine bibber.png Wine Bibber Drinking 4 Beer Bibber
Icon perk witcher.png Witcher Alchemy 3
Icon perk zorn ort wrath strike.png Zorn ort: Wrath Strike Longsword 3