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Prokop of Luxembourg
Character prokop lucembursky.png
24  •  9  •  1405
Margrave of Moravia
provincial Hetman of the Bohemian Crown
Jobst of Moravia (brother)
Charles IV (uncle)
Sigismund of Luxembourg (cousin)
Wenceslas (cousin)

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Procopius (Prokop) of Luxembourg, son of John Henry of Luxembourg, was Margrave of Moravia between 1375 and 1405 and the provincial Hetman of the Bohemian Crown. Together with his brother Jobst, he ruled Moravia, although they were in dispute over the inheritance and future of the Luxembourg dynasty, which had ambitions for the Polish and Hungarian Kingdoms.

After the death of his uncle Charles IV, Procopius initially supported the policies of his cousin Sigismund of Luxembourg and fought against Wenceslas IV in the "Margraviate Wars". But after Wenceslas was imprisoned by the Bohemian nobility, Procopius took part in the liberation of the Bohemian King and became his ally. The relations between the Luxembourgs, especially between Procopius and Jobst, succinctly illustrate the intrigues of that time. Jobst and Procopius warred with one another for years, but soon joined against Sigismund on the side of Wenceslas, only to then betray the King by siding with Rupert of the Palatinate. Betrayal was practically a daily event

When Sigismund once again kidnapped and imprisoned Wenceslas in 1402, Procopius was also captured and interred for two years in Pressburg (Prešpurk, Bratislava). His illegitimate son George of Luxembourg was the last descendant of the Luxembourg dynasty, who could not inherit any property or titles.