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Side quest
"Restless Spirit"
KingdomCome Restless Spirit 1.jpg
Side quest
Sasau Monastery
Talmberg Quarry
Quest giver
Herbalist Kunhuta
Drahomira's ring
Related quest(s)
A Needle in a Haystack

Restless Spirit is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


The herb woman asked me to help Drahomira, the butcher woman from Ledetchko who is at her wits' end. She claims the ghost of her dead neighbour has been haunting her at night and she can't get a wink of sleep.
Poppies serve as an additive in the incense, so I got at least ten.
The herbalist has given me some advice on dealing with the restless spirit, but first I should have a word with Drahomira.
I spoke to Drahomira, the widow of the Ledetchko butcher. She said was being haunted by a restless soul who she said was coming to her every night. The herbalist said burning herbs from the grave of the departed in Drahomira's room would dispel the ghost.
Apart from poppies, I also needed flowers from the grave of the departed for the incense to dispel the restless spirit. I found the grave and plucked all the flowers growing on it.
I performed the smudging ritual in Drahomira's cottage and chanted the spell, just as the herb woman advised me. The ghost should be gone.
Unfortunately, the smudging ritual didn't do the trick. Drahomira told me the ghost was still haunting her.
Since the smudging didn't work, I asked the Rattay Apothecary what might help. He told me I had to get hold of something that belonged to the departed, and an old book of spells, which won't be easy, since the book is banned.
The book is called Necronomicon, one of the 'libri prohibiti', books banned by the Church, so there may be one locked away at the monastery. The monks aren't likely to give it to me just for asking nicely though. I'll probably have no choice but to steal it.
I finally got my hands on the banned book of spells - Necronomicon. Stealing it from Sasau Monastery proved the only option.
In order to dispel the ghost, I had to find out what was troubling it. I asked Drahomira what it was and she told me a tragic story about his wife, who had burned him alive in their home.
One of the ingredients needed for the incense was something that belonged to the dead man. Since the whole burnt-out farm belonged to him, I took a piece of charred wood from it.


  • Collect 10 poppies.
  • Find Alois' grave.
  • Pick flowers from the grave of the restless deceased.
  • Drive the ghost out of Drahomira's cottage.
  • Begin the smudging ritual.
  • Burn the herbs.
  • Find out the following day if the smudging ritual worked.
  • Get the book Necronomicon.
  • Wait until the Apothecary has read the book.
  • Find out what's troubling the departed Alois' soul.
  • Find something that belonged to Alois.
  • Take some charred wood from the burned-down farm.
  • Find the grave of Alois's wife, Lada.
  • Find Lada's grave.
  • Go back to the Apothecary.
  • Meet with the Apothecary at the crossroads.
  • Cast the spell over the grave.
  • See Drahomira and find out if the spell worked.
  • Get Drahomira to tell the truth.
  • (Optional) Go to the quarry and arrange for a cross to be made.


  • 20Groschenfor retrieving Necronomicon I
  • 375Groschenfor performing the exorcism
  • 20Groschenfor retrieving the atonement cross
  • Drahomira's ring