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Fast travel destination  Samopesh
Location samopse.png
North of Sasau
Geographical position
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Samopesh, also known as Samopše, is a location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is a small village that was first mentioned in 1297.

It was the starting point in the Alpha. The village does have a tavern, a blacksmith and an herbalist who is hidden in a nearby forest. There are quests with the Baliff there, Jerry who got a bad one, the smith that you may pay to get lotpicks from.

Codex Codex entry

Samopše (Samopesh) is a small village in the Sasau region not far from Rattay, first mentioned in 1397. Together with two nearby mills (Bilin, called also Bart’s and Budin Mill), it belonged to the Sasau Monastery until 1412 and was renowned as a centre of agriculture and for an ancient species of wheat locally known as "samopše-špalta" (Samopesh-spelt), from which the village derives its name.


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