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Fast travel destination  Sasau
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Sasau, also known as Sázava, is a location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It has two fast travel destination: "Sasau" (or Sasau Town) and "Monastery"

Codex Sasau Town

Originally, Sasau (Sázava) was a settlement on the left bank of the eponymous river, opposite the monastery. For over a hundred years the town was the property of the Benedictine monastery. Houses were centred around the Church of St. Martin and along the road to Prague and Kouřim.
During the Hussite Wars, the monastery and its surroundings fell into the hands of the Hussites, at which time the preacher gave sermons in the Czech language. Building work ceased from then until the mid-17th century, but the monastery survived. For more than 200 years, after the monks were expelled, the monastery lands belonged to the local aristocracy.

St. Martin's Church

The parish Church of St. Martin was founded on the left bank of the Sasau River in the middle of a small town in the 14th century. It is a single-nave structure with a chancel, a steeple on the north side and a chapel on the south. The entire complex is enclosed by a high graveyard wall that has survived to this day, although the church building itself has been altered completely, but for the original windows in the steeple.


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