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Side quest
"Sheep in Wolf's Clothing"
Side quest
Inn in the Glade
Broda Woods
Hare's hideout
Quest giver
Related quest(s)
Hare Hunt
Emergency Supply
Next quest
Cherchez la Femme

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


They say forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, and that goes double for poached game. Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm tempted to join the gang of poachers that's hiding out in the Talmberg woods. On the other hand, I might just want to infiltrate them to find out what they're really up to. Because it looks like they're after more than just game.
Andrew the innkeeper promised he'd introduce me to the Talmberg poaching gang, but on the condition that I bring him back his favourite tankard, which he lost in a wager in Neuhof.
The whole affair with the poachers began very curiously. Andrew the innkeeper promised he'd introduce me to the poaching gang, but on the condition that I bring him back his favourite tankard, which he lost in a wager. So I went to Neuhof, found the farmhand who'd won it and got it back from him.
Andrew the innkeeper finally betrayed the name of his poacher crony to me - Black Lukesh from Talmberg.
If I want to infiltrate the poachers, I should talk to Black Lukesh from Talmberg.
When I talked to Black Lukesh, he heard me out, but he wasn't satisfied with just Andrew's recommendation - he wanted to see proof of my skills. I had to bring him a trophy from a hunted stag. Given the size of the woods around here, that shouldn't be too difficult.
I brought Lukesh the antlers, but it seemed the test wasn't over yet. After getting the tankard and antlers, I then had to get a hunting horn - not just any old hunting horn, but the prized hunting horn of Nicholas, the Talmberg Master Huntsman.
Which I succeeded in doing. I hope that's the last of Lukesh's trials by fire and I can finally join the band of poachers.
I got the hunting horn. All I have to do is take it to Lukesh.
Lukesh seemed very happy with the horn. He clearly had it in for the Master Huntsman, and he finally told me I could join the poaching gang. They were planning something big at the time and I was going to play a part.
The poachers meet in a clearing in Broda Woods, south of Talmberg.


If Henry has not completed Masquerade:

Default objectives:
  Note: Completing this objective will cancel the "Hare Hunt" objective to meet Hanekin Hare at Margaret's meeting place.


  • Siding with Hanekin Hare will remove "Hare Hunt" from the active quest log (Quest failed). "Cherchez la Femme" will become the active quest.