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Main quest
Main quest
Trebuchet siege camp
Quarry siege encampment
Talmberg siege encampment
Inn in the Glade
Charcoal-burners' camp (Talmberg Woods)
Monastery Infirmary
Quest giver
375Groschen, 375Groschen, 375Groschen, 375Groschen, 375Groschen, 650Groschen, 750Groschen
Related quest(s)
Cold Steel, Hot Blood
Family Values
An Oath is an Oath
Previous quest
Night Raid

Siege is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


None of our attacks succeeded and Talmberg remained in Istvan’s hands. Several camps sprung up around the castle and they all had to be got up and running.


  • (Optional) Take the pitch to the quartermaster at the encampment by the quarry.
  • (Optional) Tell the quartermaster to send someone for pitch.
  • (Optional) Ask around the camps if anyone needs help.
  • (Optional) There’s not much meat in the camps - I could go and get some. (0/200)
  • (Optional) The camp is out of beer - I need to ask around the local taverns for some.
  • (Optional) Find out if some herbalist could brew up something to fend off sleep.
  • (Optional) Get enough mint. (0/60)
  • (Optional) Get the valerian needed. (0/30)
  • (Optional) Get a some wormwood. (0/6)
  • (Optional) Wait until the potion is brewed.
  • (Optional) Get the brewed potion from the herb-woman.
  • (Optional) Take the potion back to the encampment
  • (Optional) Find a physician from the monastery to come to Talmberg
  • (Optional) Find a priest willing to go to Talmberg
  • (Optional) Persuade the sawbones from the monastery to come to Talmberg.
  • Talk to Master Feyfar
  • Wait until the trebuchet is finished.
  • Go and watch the trebuchet test.
  • Talk to Sir Divish about starting the siege.


  • 375Groschen (meat for Quartermaster)
  • 375Groschen (beer for Quartermaster)
  • 375Groschen (pitch for Quartermaster)
  • 375Groschen (send a physician to Talmberg)
  • 375Groschen (send a priest to Talmberg)
  • 650Groschen (potions for Captain Bernard)
  • 750Groschen