St. Matthew's Church

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St. Matthew's Church
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Geographical position

St. Matthew's Church is a location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is located in the Rattay lower town, flanked by the Apothecary and the Butcher's shop.

Codex Codex excerpt

The lower Rattay church was built in the 1360s at the instigation of Jan Ješek Ptáček of Pirkstein and his wife Anna.
The first church was probably a single-nave design and served as a parish church along with the Church of St. Nicholas, which no longer exists. From 1675–1691 it was demolished and rebuilt in the Baroque style according to plans by Ondřej de Guarde. It has survived in this form to the present day with just a few minor changes. The only remnants of the original church are the tombs of the estate owners, for example a tombstone with the coat of arms of the Lords of Leipa mounted into the cemetery wall, and the base of the baptismal font from 1421.