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Food is a type of item that provides nourishment in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Henry can purchase food from butchers, bakers and other vendors. He can also hunt for meat and cook it over a fire, though poaching is considered a crime.

As Henry advances through the story, he will gain access to additional lodgings. He can rent a room for a day or pay a one-time fee for permanent access. Homes provide a bed and personal storage trunk to store items.

Health and injuries can be healed via sleeping, potions, or bathhouse services. When bleeding, apply a bandage to prevent bleeding out and dying.

Keep equipment clean to prevent a drop in charisma:


  • It is not possible to use potions or healing items during combat.
  • Alcohol provides short-term benefits with inevitable consequences. Henry can become an Alcoholic. Increasing the drinking skill will help reduce negative effects.
  • The Ascetic and Insomniac perks will increase Henry's survivability, slowing the rate at which energy and nourishment are depleted.