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  1. If you want to know what's going on in the vicinity or find out if anyone needs your help, it's best to ask the local innkeeper, who's sure to know all the local gossip.
  2. The Codex accumulates all information about the world, points of interest and detailed tutorials.
  3. Every unsuccessful bout of haggling lowers your reputation with the trader. On the contrary, if you tip the trader or give him or her a discount, your reputation will improve.
  4. If you need a light at night, use your torch.
  5. You also need to watch what you eat – if you eat or drink something that’s spoiled, you can get food poisoning, which you can only cure by taking Antidote potion. You can tell you’ve been poisoned by the icon next to your health indicator.
  6. Reading was a rare skill in the middle ages and a common blacksmith's son certainly wouldn't have been literate. If you want to learn to read, you need to find someone who'll teach you.
  7. When you’re dirty, you don’t have to rush immediately to the nearest bathhouse – you can have a quick wash at the nearest water trough.
  8. In these harsh times, people are wary of anything out of the ordinary. If you step inside someone's house uninvited, for example, they will first warn you that you've no business there, but if you do anything untoward there, they will immediately call for a guard.
  9. Alcohol is a useful thing, but it's also the scourge of mankind and a good Christian should avoid it like the plague.
  10. If you want to try your hand at gambling, it’s possible to play the dice game of Farkle in every respectable tavern.
  11. Alchemy is a useful skill that transforms herbs and other ingredients into potions and remedies. In order to brew those, you need an knowledge of alchemy, a recipe, an alchemist’s bench and the necessary ingredients.
  12. Once you’ve become skilled enough at alchemy, you’ll have the option of auto-brewing potions.
  13. Bleeding is a specific type of injury. If you're bleeding, you must quickly bandage the wound, otherwise you'll soon bleed out and die.
  14. Keep in mind that during combat it is not possible to heal yourself!
  15. If you want to maintain bladed weapons, you can save your repair kit and hone them yourself on a grinding wheel, which you can find at every smithy.
  16. Life is God’s gift and combat doesn’t always have to end in death! So when it’s clear that a combatant is beaten, he always has the option to surrender honourably, and the honourable response is to accept his surrender.
  17. If a guard, catchpole or other figure of authority challenges you to surrender or to agree to a personal search, you can do so. But you’d better decide quick, because the guardians of the law have little patience in these troubled times and they won’t hesitate to use force if you don’t cooperate.
  18. In order to pickpocket someone successfully, you first have to sneak up on them unnoticed.
  19. If you want to store things to use later, you can put them in the trunk you'll find at any of your assigned or rented sleeping places. The same items can be found in all the trunks you have.
  20. You can skip time and wait for something. If you’re in the middle of some activity, however, the Skip Time button will call up Help.
  21. If your loot is really hot, it’s best to go to a known fence. For example, the millers have a reputation for being mixed up in shady deals.
  22. While brewing potions it’s always best to follow the recipe in the book. You can also easily set all the necessary ingredients straight onto the alchemy bench.
  23. No one is born a master swordsman. It takes practice. Captain Bernard will show you the basics at the start, but to achieve mastery you'll have to visit him repeatedly.
  24. If you find yourself heavily outnumbered, the best option may be "run away - live to fight another day". You can always come back when you're more skilled at combat, more stealthy or fortified with potions.
  25. If you end up on the wrong side of the law, it's best to save your reputation by submitting to arrest and cleansing your soul with a little jail time.
  26. Even if you're not caught red-handed, your crimes will make people bad-tempered, and angry guards are more likely to stop and search you, angry traders to be less willing to haggle.
  27. There are big differences between horses. A new one costs a lot, but it's a worthwhile investment - not just to get around faster, but also to carry a heavier load.
  28. Even your finest clothing can lose it's charm if hidden beneath battered armour or a layer of dirt and blood.