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Side quest
"The Good Thief"
Side quest
Rattay Mill
Gallows Hill
Quest giver
Miller Peshek

The Good Thief is one of the side quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Miller Peshek and his niece, Theresa, took care of me while I was at death's door. I owe them my life.
I talked to Peshek about the time I spent lying helpless at his mill while his niece, Theresa, took care of me. It seems I ran up a bill with the apothecary.
I paid the apothecary for the treatment he gave me while I was lying unconscious.
In exchange for the treatment I got at his mill, the miller wanted me to get him a ring that was buried with a corpse under the gibbet. I dug up the corpse, but the ring wasn't there.
Peshek said the only one who would know anything about the ring is the executioner.
I've got to get that ring. It's at the Executioner's.
The dead man's ring was hidden in the executioner's quarters. I succeeded in getting my hands on it.
It took a bit of effort, but I succeeded in paying Peshek what I owed him. Now we're all square, Peshek confided in me that he'd be willing to buy stolen goods from me from time to time.
The debt I owed to the apothecary for the treatment he gave me while I was unconscious is finally paid. Unlike Peshek, the apothecary had no peculiar ideas about how I should repay him.
I took the dead man's ring to Miller Woyzeck in Kohelnitz as Peshek wanted. But Woyzeck threw it away, saying it was a worthless bauble! The whole task was just a test to see if I could be relied upon and had the stomach for less than honest work.



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