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Side quest
"The Horse That Bolted"
Side quest
Quest giver
Head Groom

The Horse That Bolted is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Henry must go to Uzhitz first, which is quite a march from Rattay, but this quest is rather easy and can even be finished without fighting. It's a good opportunity to take this quest, when being in Uzhitz to see the Scribe. Before reaching the center of Uzhitz, one will pass the stables in the south and it is a good start to talk with the stableboy Vashek and the Head Groom. They will tell the player, that Pie the grey stallion went missing, after he bolted and threw Vashek. The Head Groom would be glad to have Pie back!


The Uzhitz stables have lost a horse. More precisely their fastest stallion, Pie, has run off. The Head Groom asked me to find Pie and bring him back to the stables.
The stableboy, Vashek, told me he lost Pie at the crossroads just south of the stables. And he advised that Pie likes to keep to the bridleways.
Based on Vashek’s account, I should go to the crossroads. Although Pie will be gone by now, and there are four routes heading off from the crossroads, which doesn’t help me much.
After a long search I’ve found the stray. Pie wasn’t alone, though. Keeping him company was some charcoal-burner from the nearby camp, who claimed the horse was his.
After I got rid of that charcoal-burner it was simple. I saddled up Pie and brought him home to the Uzhitz stables.
The Head Groom was naturally delighted to get Pie back, I got a bit of coin out of it and maybe the stableboy Vashek will even get a second chance.


  • Talk with Vashek and the Head Groom
  • Go to the crossroads in the forest as described by Vashek
  • Follow the trail of horse droppings
  • A Wayfarer is located in the same hunting camp that was used during the quest The Prey. He can lead Henry in the right direction.
  • Find the charcoal-burner's camp and talk with the people there and follow the creek
  • Talk with Thistle, who claims to own the horse. If Henry didn't talk with the charcoal-burners at the camp, he will either have to pay him or beat him up. If the charcoal-burners were questioned, then there will be another dialogue option, which allows Henry to address him by name and convince him that people will end up mocking him.
  • Mount Pie and ride off to the stables
  • Talk with the Head Groom and get the reward

There are several variants to this quest, which let the whole scenario turn out differently. So it is possible that the Head Groom or Pie end up dead. Henry also can steal the horse - and just not return it to the stables.