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Side quest
"The House of God"
Side quest
Monastery Courtyard
Talmberg Quarry
Quest giver
Master Karel

The House of God is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


There's been an accident at the Sasau Monastery construction works due to bad quality stone. The Talmberg Quarry Master is worried the affair will damage his good name.
They told me in Talmberg that the bad stone definitely didn't come from the quarry there. They were certain someone must have switched it.
Once I found out the skull was a fake, I decided to put pressure on the scaffolder to find out if he put it there himself. But there was neither hide nor hair to be seen of him. No doubt he knew his wrongdoings would come to light and fled while he could.
Zmola told me Leshek was going to come to the foot of the scaffolding in the evening to confess to him and I should come there too. Only, instead of Leshek and Zmola, there was a murderer waiting for me!
That really didn't look much like an accident. And I found the would-be assassin at the top, only it looked like he wasn't all that keen on getting the job done and missed deliberately. I suppose I ought to be grateful to him.


  • Talk to Sir Divish about the trouble at the monastery.
  • Go to the monastery and ask about the accident.
  • Talk to the Overseer.
  • Talk with the Master Builder about the site of the accident.
  • Look around for clues.
  • Find out the origin of the faulty stone.
  • Tell the Master Builder about the origin of the stone.
  • Ask Leshek about the skull that was found.
  • Look around the place where Leshek dropped the skull.
  • Take the skull to the local knacker.
  • Ask the scaffolder if he put the skull there himself.
  • Meet with Leshek and Zmola under the scaffolding after dusk.
  • (Optional) Have a look at the top of the scaffolding.
  • Catch up with Zmola and stop him.
  • Inform the Overseer of the outcome of the investigation.
  • Inform Sir Divish of the outcome of the investigation.
  • Inform the Quarry Master of the outcome of the investigation.


  • 550Groschen
  • 2175Groschen