The Hunt Begins

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Main quest
"Ginger in a Pickle"
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Main quest
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The Prey
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Ginger in a Pickle

The Hunt Begins is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Henry is issued his own horse, Pebbles, for this quest. [1]


Someone raided the Neuhof stud farm and Sir Radzig has sent me there along with a squad of his men to investigate what actually happened.
I met Captain Bernard and his company in the courtyard where they were mustering.
The Captain didn't want to waste any time, so we set out at once for Neuhof. I'll never forget what I saw there when we arrived - such brutality.
I wasn't keen on questioning Zora, the widow of the stud farm owner, Smil, because she was still understandably distraught at the loss of her husband, who'd been killed in the attack. But she tried to help as best she could and told me how the brutal raid had gone down.
When I asked the stablehand Mark what he'd seen, he gave me some useful information. He was sure the attack came from the north.
I questioned Ginger, one of the stableboys, about whether he'd seen anything, but I didn't get much out of him. It was clear he was still very frightened.
The raiders must have left some trace. I should scout out the stud farm.
From what I gather, the raid didn't go smoothly for the attackers. The people defended themselves, there was a fight and a fire broke out. Some of the witnesses must know more.
I should talk to Zora, widow of the late stud farm owner, Jakub, the old stableboy that fought the attackers, Mark who woke up first, and Ginger who might have seen something from the barn.
I must scout out the area to the north of the stud farm.


  • Go and report to Captain Bernard in the courtyard.
  • Mount your new horse.
  • Follow the men to Neuhof.
  • Find out where the raiders went.
  • (Optional) Scout the area
  • (Optional) Question the survivors.
  • Explore the area to the north of the farm.
  • Exploring the clearing in the woods.
  • Search the bandit.
  • Find the owner of the hoofpick from Neuhof.
  • Find out from Jakub where Ginger could have fled.


  1. If Henry already owns a horse, taking Pebbles poses no problem; Henry's horse will follow along and stay with the other horses in Neuhof.