The Sacking of Skalitz

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The Sacking of Skalitz

Little is known about the war in 1402 to 1403, when Sigismund invaded Bohemia and tried to seize power, and the records that do exist are fairly vague. However, we do know the fate of Skalice (Silberskalitz, Silver Skalitz) which was burned to the ground on 23 March 1403. We know the exact date because a document was preserved that Sigismund signed that day in the siege camp.

Sigismund undoubtedly choose Skalitz because silver was mined here and the town was administered by the Royal Hetman, Racek Kobyla, a supporter of the king. Sigismund apparently wanted to disrupt the flow of money going to the Wenceslas.

According to legend, Kobyla and his people, who were hiding from the attackers in the castle, were able to escape because of a great storm that blew up and forced the besieging army to wait until morning to take the castle. The castle defenders took advantage of the opportunity and under the cover of darkness fled to nearby Rattay. In the morning, the only thing Sigismund's men found in the empty castle was a goat (this is also in the game). Sigismund then razed the town and the castle to the ground and the castle was never rebuilt. Today, only the foundations remain.