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If Henry is tired, his Stamina and Speech will also decrease. The solution to [tiredness] is sleep.

It’s best to find an available bed. We recommend renting or buying one in an inn, because sleeping in other people’s beds can get you into trouble. You can also sleep in one of the many camps, but sleeping somewhere in the woods certainly isn’t as restful as getting a good night’s sleep in a bed in a good inn. Places you can sleep can easily be seen on the Map M.


To sleep, you first sit on the bed using E then launch sleep M and then set how long you want to sleep for. The sleep menu will show the effects of sleeping – how much you will be rested and how hungry you will get. If you’re not tired, you won’t be able to sleep; neither can you sleep so long that your hunger reaches the maximum. The longest you can sleep at one time is 12 hours.


You can check how much you need to sleep in the Player tab P in the Rest stat under the picture of Henry. You will be warned about your need to sleep both in the Buffs tab and by the icon next to your health indicator:



If you have to wait for something, you can skip time by clicking T and, similarly to sleep, setting the time you want to wait. Beware, though! Unlike with sleep, both your hunger and tiredness will increase during skip time!