Unexpected Visit

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Main quest
"Unexpected Visit"
Main quest
Quest giver
Sir Radzig Kobyla's sword
Next quest

Unexpected Visit is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is the first quest in the game.


We finally got some fine spring weather, but still I slept late in the morning, because I was out celebrating until late in the evening. It was a bit hard getting out of bed in the morning.
I met again with that mercenary who's been teaching me to swordfight. This time I didn't get cut like before. But I'm afraid when Father and Mother see my bruises, they might suspect I'm learning swordplay behind their backs.
It goes without saying I also have to bring ale for Father, fresh and cool. I've been doing that since I was big enough to carry the pitcher. I used to think Father was a drunk, but when he let me start blacksmithing and I got near enough to feel the fury of the forge, I finally understood why a man might need a pitcher of cool, bitter ale for this job. Just as long as you don't overdo it.
Once I'd done all the errands, I went back to the forge so I could finally start helping Father finish Sir Radzig's sword.
Forging with Father was great. We finished the sword for Sir Radzig. Blacksmithing is a wonderful trade that folk need, not just on account of swords, but also everyday things like, for example, the nails we made for the miller, whose daughter Theresa came to collect them.
I gave Theresa the nails and got back to forging with Father.


  • (Optional) Go with your friends to Deutsch's house.
  • (Optional) Discuss the plan of attack with your friends.
  • (Optional) Lure Deutsch's wife away.
  • Go and get revenge on Deutsch!
  • Run from the catchpole.
  • Go back to Father at the forge
  • Go and get the nails to Theresa.
  • Bring the nails for Theresa.