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Vengeance is a main quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


My home was destroyed, my parents and my sweetheart murdered. I fled like a coward and only survived by a miracle. And when I tried to do the right thing and at least bury my loved ones, I lost the last thing my father left me - the sword he forged for Sir Radzig. But I will never run again, ever! I'll find that bastard who led the raid on Skalitz and kill him. And I'll find that thieving rat who took my sword and run him through with it!

I was able to infiltrate the camp, but for me to take on Runt alone is out of the question. He's a beast of a man, and he's surrounded himself with a small army. Just who is he and what does he want?

When I informed the lords about the bandit encampment, they decided to muster all the troops they could and attack. It was a massive battle, and in the end we were victorious. I found Runt and slew him myself. But he no longer had my sword and I was couldn't get out of him what he'd done with it. He laughed in my face even as I sent him to hell.

The coin we found in Pribyslavitz after the battle was counterfeit. Someone was paying Runt and his army with it.

I must find Markvart and avenge my parents.

Maybe if I find out who is counterfeiting Groschen, I'll find out who's behind everything.


  • Get father's sword back
  • Find Markvart von Aulitz and avenge your parents.
  • Find out where the counterfeit coin is coming from.
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