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Vitality Vitality determines how much a character can endure. The more vitality, the more stamina and faster it regenerates, the longer the character lasts without getting tired and the longer he can run. Running, surmounting obstacles and surviving combat enhance vitality.

You get Vitality perk points at every third level up and then at Level 20.


Vitality experience is gained by:

  • Jumping - 5% (approx.) per full stamina bar spent.
  • Sprinting - 5% (approx.) per full stamina bar spent.
  • Vaulting - 0.2% (approx.) per vault.


Find a piece of terrain that Henry can jump into and slip down, such as a set of angled planks against a wall. You will be able to jump much faster whilst running against the terrain. This is much faster than regularly jumping, since you don't need to wait to fall back down to jump again.


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